Welcome to the VCF Contact Page. From here you can contact the administration through our online form. We request you review and abide by the following before sending email.

Valid Contact Reasons:

  • Questions/Issues with Funding the VCF Development.
  • Questions/Issues with the VCF License.
  • Situations which demand a speedy response.

The following should be addressed at our discussion forums.
  • All help questions regarding the VCF, C++, linux, mac, and Win32 alike.
  • All help questions with this Website, the Sourceforge Project Page, or the Forums.
  • Any Feature Requests or Suggestions.
  • Any random comments, good or bad, about the VCF.
We would like to make a point of the fact that the second list is by no means less important then the first, but simply to numerous for us to deal with daily on a one-on-one basis. We thank you in advance for using the forums to solve the day-to-day issues with VCF and related matters.

If you decide you do need to contact us, please send email to ddiego at users dot sourceforge dot net.