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Posted On: 2004-04-29;
Busy, busy, busy!

It's been a busy few days! We have further integrated the change over from ansi based to unicode based string storage, fixing compiler errors in the linux build (which are mostly done now). OSX compiling is mostly done as well, but still needs to be integrated back into CVS. We have also given the VCF source directory tree a major overhaul. Many, many thanks to Marcello for helping out with this by way of an really smart script that made this extremely easy to do.

I'd also like to give a big thanks to Alan for contributing the new OpenGLKit. This is currently in the development branch, and will be a part of the official 0-6-5 release.

Another big thanks to Jacmoe for porting the Visual C++ 6 project wizards over to the new Visual Studio 7.1 format. These will also be integrated into the installer for the 0-6-5 release.

Thanks to my wife locking me in the dungeon, with nary a drop of water or a hint of sunlight, there's also some new documentation on the way, that includes some of the changes for building with Visual C++ 6/7/7.1, and also documentation of the VCF's Model-View-Controller pattern implementation.

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