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Posted On: 2004-06-01;
More OSX porting news

Finally got enough done on the OSX side that I felt comfortable posting some screen shots! If you look in the Road Map, under the 0-6-5 release you can see several new shots.

The first two are GUI shots, one of the DateTimeUI and the other of a modified HelloWorld example. Both of these demonstrate that the framework is getting and interpreting basic events correctly (resizing works just as it does on Win32), and both are using OS X's new composited windows and HIView API's. Text is being rendered correctly now. Text is drawn using Apple's ATSUI rendering API's. Because of the use of newer API's this does mean that currently the VCF requires OS X 10.2 or better to run on. The DateTimeUI example shows that timers work, and that hot key event are being processed as well. For example, you can increment the day, month or year on the calendar by using a combination of the up or down arrows plus the control or shift keys. Using the space bar causes the example to reset itself to current time. Both the Win32 and OSX version work the same!

The last two shots demontrate the two console based examples. These only need to link to the FoundationKit as a framework.

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