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Posted On: 2004-08-08;
The 0-6-5 release is now available

I'd like to announce that the VCF 0-6-5 release is now available.

I'd like to give a huge thanks to Marcello Pietrobon for all the great work he did with the new File API and performance testing, plus all the other miscellaneous help he provided.

Many thanks to our webmaster, Mr Tweakin, for successfully migrating the forums to the next rev of the forum software.

Additional thanks to Darko Miletic for providing the Borland C++ compiler port. Thanks also to Alan Fischer for contributing the OpenGLKit. Thanks to Jess Thrysoee for thoroughly revamping the linux makefiles into something a great deal more readable and functional. Thanks to jacmoe for helping with the VC71 wizards and for providing all sorts help in the forums. Thanks to Doug Tinkham for contributing some new fixes and features to the ListBoxControl and providing a new example for this. Thanks to Ed Monjay for helping out with the documentation, this is an enormous relief to have someone else pitching in here!

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