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Posted On: 2004-09-06;
Enhanced transform support in GraphicsKit

While we have had the ability to manipulate vector graphics with a transform, the GraphicsContext got a bit of a revamp, and this ability is now pervasive. Any drawing now uses the current transform to adjust the shape before actually drawing it. This also includes the ability to transform images as well, so you can scale, skew, translate, and rotate any image to your hearts content! Much of this is due to the AGG library. Many thanks to Maxim Shemanarev for a brilliant C++ library!

These new improvements also include an newly updated AGG lib that can be found in the vcf/src/thirdparty/common/agg directory.

Partial support for text transforms are also implemented (for Win32 currently). This allows only for translation and rotation - skewing and scaling values are ignored at the moment.

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