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Posted On: 2004-10-26;
More OSX progress!

I am happy to report, that while painfully slow, we are getting somewhere on the OS X port. Part of the slow speed is that I have been really busy at work recently which hasn't left me as much energy and/or time for dealing with OSX. Another issue is the learning curve of the OS X Carbon API. While many things are similar to Win32, there are many differences. For example, mouse handling is done quite different on OS X than on Win32. Once you understand how it all works it's not too bad, but it is a very different way of handling things.

Some of the things that are working better now are the mouse event handling, and support for dialog boxs, both as standard alerts and custom dialogs. Support is also present for displaying a dialog as a Sheet.

I am also happy to announce that chrisk has submitted our first OS X patches, which I just integrated this evening!

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