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Posted On: 2004-11-30;
Last minute bug fixed before 0-6-6 release - Thanks Marcello!

I'd like everyone to give Marcello a huge "Thank You" for tracking down, reporting, and fixing a nasty last minute performance bug in the VCF. Just a few days ago he reported it, and it looked really ugly (lots of extra GDI handles being used, but not leaked). Thanks to a whole lot of persistence he tracked it down to some code I'd written in the Win32Font class that was modified for printing support (that's new in the this release). Today he mailed me a patch that fixed it! Great work Marcello!!!

I have had a busy last 2 weeks getting in last minute bug fixes and merging in all of the development branch for devmain-0-6-6 into the stable one. Thanks to Marcello's fix it looks like we are all ready to go, and should have a release ready this week.

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