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Posted On: 2004-12-04;
VCF 0-6-6 release is now available

The new 0-6-6 release of the VCF is now uploaded!

Lot's of new features and bug fixes.

New support and improved for resources.

Lot's more OS X work done.

Support for transforming any 2d shape or image is complete.

Bundle support for resources is also complete, as well as loading executable programs (and SO/DLL's) from a bundle is complete too.

We now have printing support as well.

System tray icons are also supported.

Big thanks to Marcello, Doug Tinkham, ChrisKr, and Darko for finding, and helping fixing bugs, as well as adding new support to the VCF.

For more complete notes, see the 0-6-6 Release Notes.

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