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Posted On: 2005-05-07;
Web Hosting Move Complete!

Well our move to our new webhost, courtesy of the donation made by Ian Wallis, is now basically complete. The VCF Forums are now back up and running as well. The VCF Builder site is also up and running and ready for people to start particpating in the forums.

One difference people will notice immediately, is that the forum email notification is now finally working again, now that we have moved to a new host. I'd urge people to make sure they are subscribed to topics. Both the forums (the VCF's and the VCF Builder's) can be set up to notify a user of new posts/replys. The VCF Builder also has RSS feeds you can subscribe to. People interested in helping out with documentation of the VCF Builder should contact me (ddiego at users dot sourceforge dot net), and I can give you documention privileges.

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