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Posted On: 2003-07-05;
New MVC features coming in the next VCF release

The VCF's Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture got a major facelift. In addition to the standard Model and View classes, which were already in the framework, I have enhanced their functionality and ensured that any Control can have an arbitrary view set. This lets the developer more completely separate the view from the control and model, where appropriate.

In addition, I have added new Document/View support that extends the current Model/View classes. Many of the ideas were influenced by NeXT/Cocoa's Document/View architecture. Some of the new features are:

  • automatic creation and connection of the various parts including the Document, view and Window.
  • Automatic default menu items, to ensure standard UI conformance. The menu items are merged with existing ones.
  • Automatic clipboard support in the form of cut/copy/paste and connecting this directly to the current document
  • Support for Undo/Redo menu items as well, including default menu item validation
  • Default support for opening and saving documents, including presenting the correct Dialogs to the User, and properly filling the default data, based on the documents data type description.
  • Support for multiple document types
  • Support for differnt Document Interface policies. Currently we support:
    • SDI (Single Document Interface)
    • MDI (Multiple Document Interface)
This is much easier to use than MFC's more clumsy approach, and hopefully it will be much easier to re-use various model and view code that the application developer writes.

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