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Posted On: 2003-08-09;
New 0-6-2 release out now

There's a new release available now.
Changes include:
  • Added additional implementation to better support the MVC architecture in the VCF
  • Added a Document/View architecure that is similar to MFC's or NextSteps's Doc/View architectures
  • Integrated the Anti Grain Graphics library into the GraphicsKit. There is now basic support for it in terms of drawing vector shapes (fills and strokes). Image support will come in the next release
  • Added several documented graphics tutorials
  • [ 775744 ] wrong buttons on a dialog
  • [ 524878 ] onDropped not called for MLTcontrol
  • [ 585239 ] Painting weirdness in a modal dialog ?
  • [ 585238 ] Modal dialog which makes a modal Dialog
  • [ 509004 ] Opening a modal Dialog causes flicker
  • Plus an issue with some focus and getting the right popup window to activate has also been fixed

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