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1.3. Required Tools

These are the required tools if you want to build the VCF.

The tools you need depend on the platform you plan to work on, in the following list.

  • Win32

    For this platform the preferred compiler is currently the Microsoft Visual C++ 6 compiler with Service Pack 5 applied. Microft Visual C++ 7 also works great, but some settings may be slightly different or found in different places than described in the documentation.

    Currently, the supported compilers for the Win32 platform are:

    • Microsoft Visual C++ 6 (service pack 5 or better preferred).
    • Microsoft Visual C++ 7.0.
    • Microsoft Visual C++ 7.1.
    • Microsoft Visual C++ 8.0 (Including the Express edition).
    • Intels C/C++ compiler version 7 (using Visual Studio 6).
    • Borland C++ 6
    • MinGW-GCC compiler with the Code::Blocks IDE

  • MacOSX

    The MacOSX port currently uses the Apple Developer Tools that come with OSX. The supported OS versions are:

    • Mac OSX 10.3, using XCode 1.x.
    • Mac OSX 10.4, using XCode 2.x.

    Mac OSX 10.2 is currently not supported at the moment, and the Project Builder files should be ignored, since Project Builder support has been dropped by Apple in favor of XCode.

  • Linux

    The linux port requires the GCC toolchain be installed in order to build the VCF from source. The VCF has been found to compile with versions of GCC including 2.95, 3.1, 3.2, and the 3.3 release (3.3 is reccommended). In addition, the GraphicsKit and ApplicationKit require the presence of GTK 2.x shared libraries and headers and whatever dependencies that entails.

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