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Chapter 8. Credits

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The VCF would like to thank the following people for contributing time and effort to project:

Marcello Pietrobon
Doug Tinkham
Orhun Birsoy
Dmitry Kononov
Scott Pearson
Ian Wallis
Mike Goebel
Augusto Roman
Abelardo Gutierrez
Marcus Portmann
Ed Monjay
Marc Weber
Jess Thrysoee
Alan Fischer
Darko Miletic
Vic Hargrave
Tiziano Franzoi
Ning Ke
Endre Somogyi
Bobby Ward
Raghavendra Chandrashekara
Chandra Penke
Cesar Mello
Henrique Sambiase
Sorin Ionescu

If we missed someone please let us know about it!

We'd also like to give credit where credit is due, and would like to provide this list of third party libraries that the VCF uses

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