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1.8. Bugs

Bugs, bugs, bugs - the bane of every developer and project. Naturally the VCF has no bugs so we have nothing to worry about. And if you believe that, I have some real estate in Florida I'd like to show you...

Seriously bugs do exist in the VCF and should be reported to the VCF bug tracker on Source Forge.

Please submit as much information as possible. If you don't do this, it slows the process down, and the sooner the bug is fixed the happier you'll be !

As a general rule please submit the following information:

  • Operating System (and service pack, patch, etc if known). Please indicate if you are using non-english version, as well as if you're language requires special input (for example Arabic, Hebrew, and several other languages are read and input differently than English or Romance/Latin based languages).

  • System RAM

  • System CPU - make ( i.e. Intel, AMD ) & speed ( 550 mhz)

  • Hard drive size

  • General Computer make if applicable ( Dell, Compaq, etc)

  • What where you doing (if you remember) when the bug occured? In other words, how do we recreate this ?

  • Please try and rate the bug (in your opinion). Is it cosmetic, does it affect usability, does it cause your computer to ignite in flames (this one tends to be a serious bug).

  • Is there an email address we can use to contact you if we need more information? Note this is totally optional, the emails will not be used for spam or anything else.

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