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2.3. Accessing the Source Documentation

There are two main forms of documentation in the VCF. The reference manual that you're reading right now, and the source documentation. The reference manual is produced using docbook. The reference manual is made up of a series of chapters which you can navigate through using the links on the top and bottom of the page.

The source documentation is produced using Doxygen and has a slightly different feel to it. Let's look at a sample page, and we'll break down how it's organized:

  1. This lists the various sections, the main page, namespaces, classes, etc
  2. The name of the class being documented.
  3. A brief bit of documentation. Usually the first sentence of the class complete documentation.
  4. The header to include to make use of the this class. Note that doxygen incorrectly shows this with "<" and ">", instead it should be using quote characters.
  5. An inheritance diagram showing the class (in white) with other classes that derive from it (in yellow).
  6. Member functions follow next. These are all the various enums, functions, and variables that are part of the class. The order is publicly declared items first, followed by protected, and then private items. Each item has a brief, one line description for it, assuming it was documented.
  7. This is the core of the documentation for the class it contains all the detailed documentation that was written for the class and any of it's other items like functions, variable, etc.

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