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4.8.  RegEx Kit

The VCF includes routines based on the Oniguruma regex library which allows developers to quickly add regex searching capabilities to their applications. Regex objects in VCF support the Enumerator interface.

The current implementation includes support for Ascii and UTF_16LE text across a continuous block of characters (i.e. between two pointers or alternatively a String object). The default regex syntax used is <todo>(insert default here - I can't remember)</todo>, but can be set to any that Oniguruma supports.

The RegexKit is not thread-safe.

4.8.1. Usage

To use the RegexKit, create either a Regex::Ascii or Regex::UTF_16LE object, call the compile function on the object then use one of the find functions:

Regex::Ascii search("searching for this", PointerToStartOfText, PointerToEndOfText);
search.compile(); // should always be called immediately after object creation
Regex::Iterator it = search.find(); // finds the first match from the beginning of the range


This gives us an iterator through which we can get details of the match and/or continue searching:

String matching = it->getText();
unsigned char* matchLocation = it->getPos();


If the data to be searched is altered while the Regex object still exists, the object will need to be reset before any further searching can take place. Note that this typically invalidates any existing iterators. If the range of the search has changed this will need to be set also in the Regex object. This will invalidate any iterators outside of the new range and any offset values based on the previous range if the beginning has changed (however further calls to getPosAsOffset() on Iterators that are still valid will be correctly calculated):



If you wish to perform a new search and do not need the results of the previous search you can change the expression to search for (you do not need to call compile() again in this instance):

search.changeSearchExpression("this instead");


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