Contributing and Helping out the VCF project
This page deals with how to participate in either developing and/or testing the VCF software, or contributing in other ways by donating software, hardware, or money.
Contributing Code

You can submit code to the project by either submitting patches, or by joing the actual project itself as a developer. Both require that you first be a member of Source Forge which is free. You can register here.

Once you have registered you can submit patches here. Alternately you can then request to join the VCF project. Doing this will get you read/write access to the VCF CVS repository.

Joining the Project

Joining the project, as mentioned above, allows you access to the CVS repository that is hosted at Source Forge. It also allows you to be assigned bugs, tasks, and feature requests.

As mentioned before, you must register as a member of Source Forge first, and then send an email to VCF project administrators, requesting to join the project. Before doing this, make sure to have a look around to familiarize yourself with the project, and possible tasks or bugs that may need coding. Bugs can be found here and a list of various tasks, organized by sub project, can be found here.

Joining as a developer generally means a bit of a commitment. Make sure to keep that in mind, otherwise it can be a bit frustarting. If you don't feel you can commit the time, you may consider simply sending in patches from time to time instead of joining as a full fledged developer.

Contributing Financially

Like what you see but don't feel qualified to contribute code? Perhaps you can contribute financially, or if you're a member of a company, contribute software or hardware to the project. Any contributed money is spent on either software or hardware that may be needed by the project. For example, copies of Microsoft's new Visual C++ for testing VCF, or copies of Windows XP, or Apples new OSX 10.3 release.

To make a donation via Paypal, a secure online money transfer system, click the button below.

If for some reason you are not able to use Paypal but still wish to donate to the VCF Development Fund, please contact us for a means that will work better for you.