Upcoming Fish Taco Release and beyond

News and Announcements

Finally, after a very long time, thankfully not in a galaxy far, far away, we are almost ready to make the release you've all been waiting for:

Fish Taco - 0.9.8

The current code is pretty much done, with the exception of an example or two, and further documentation.

Once this is release I'll start banging away at the next release, code named "Kitten Tentacle", and hopefully aim for a much sooner release date, possibly around June or July. This will come out as version 0.9.9, the last version before 1.0.

I'd like to tackle the following set of items for the next release:

  • Completely finish the Mac OS X. If you have OS X and like to program in Cocoa, and would consider helping out with the port, we could certainly use the help! All the existing Carbon code needs to be ripped out (it's currently commented out now) and replaced with functional Cocoa/Objective C code.
  • Put together a solution/workspace on windows that mimics the way the linux port works with AGG. This way the only difference between the two is a couple of files, all the control code is the same and we can work on windows without having to fight with linux ide's and tools. This might also lead to the development of an AGG solution for embedded devices outside of Win CE. There is a project for this in the bluesky directory - see bluesky/AggWindowingKit.
  • Support Windows CE embedded development. I suppose the easiest way is to start with VS 2005 support and then move from there. The FoundationKit and GraphicsKit would stay as they are. Maybe the ApplicationKit needs to be stripped down for this, or maybe make new kit, something like EmbeddedAppKit (or something like that). I wouldn't expect this to be horribly difficult.
  • String optimizations. Look into using a String pool of some sort to optimize string usage and memory requirements. If someone has any experience in putting something like this together, please contact me. There's already a project for this in the bluesky directory (look for bluesky/StringPool).