New release ready: VCF 0-6-8 is now available to all!

News and Announcements

Finally, after over 6 months, we have a brand spanking new release to present to people! Throwing prudence to the wind, I've decided to increase the release number from 0-6-7 to 0-6-8, given the rather large number of bug fixes, new features, and just general improvements that have taken place since the last release. For more complete notes, see the 0-6-8 Release Notes

Among other things accomplished in this release was a port of the framework to the CodeWarrior toolchain, thanks to the efforts of Fraggle. During this process, a number of issues with the code got exposed and fixed, thanks to the collective efforts of folks on the forums, but especially Marcello, Tinkham, Fraggle, and Scott. 

Tinkham managed to add support for VC7.x MSDN integration, so folks with that version of Visual C++ should be able to integrate and view the VCF help docs from within the MSDN help system.