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I have noticed that recently (the past month or two) the forums have been a wee bit sleepy. I just wanted to inform people, assuming you don't already know this, that it possible to register to forums/topics such that when a new reply is made, the forum software will notfiy you by email. For myself, this is much easier than remembering to check the forums manually during the day (which I try and do as well).

For the VCF Forums please read the Help section about this.

For the VCF Builder Forums go to your account settings (under the "my account" link) and click on the "my notify settings" tab. Then click on the various enable (or disable) buttons as you see fit. This will allow to control how you get notified of new content to the site.

You can then subscribe to individual forums by going to the "my subscriptions" link and clicking the "subscribe" link next to each forum category that you want to subscribe to.