New release is nearing completion!

News and Announcements

We've got a new release on it's way! If all goes well, we will be making a release on Friday March 31st. This will take us to release version 0-9-0.

This is one of the biggest releases so far, and has a whole bunch of fixes, plus new features and much improved documentation. There's also new complete support for mingw in the form of CodeBlock projects, and support for Microsoft's new Visual C++ 2005 compiler and IDE, including the Express Edition! We now have projects for the whole Microsoft C++ family of IDE's ranging from Visual C++ 6, 7, 71. (Visual C++ 2003 .Net) and 8.0 (Visual C++ 2005).  We also have support for Borland C++ in both makefile and IDE project formats. Finally, we also have full support for building the project  using bakefiles.

In addition to the new compiler support, we have also added better document and help support, specifically in the form of improved integration with MSDN. We now support MSDN 6.0 (the MSDN that came with Visual C++ 6), and the newer MSDN that comes with Visual C++ 7, 7.1, and even 2005. The installer allows you to choose which help integration option you prefer.