0-9-0 Release postponed - Updated: CVS is back

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Due to issues beyond our control (SourceForge completely losing CVS service) we are having to postpone the release until SourceForge recovers their CVS servers anjd re-enables access to them. The current details from SourceForge about when the service will be back up are:

"On 2006-03-30 the developer CVS server had a substantial system failure. Due to the implementation of the CVS service, there is a single point of failure with multiple points of recovery (there is more than one data source we could potentially recover from if there is any data loss as a result of the failure). This outage currently affects developer CVS access directly, but we have disabled tarball updates and data syncs from the developer CVS server to the anonymous pserver/ViewCVS hosts as an additional level of precaution. Our main focus since the outage was detected has been to safegaurd all data on the developer CVS server as well as possible. We are currently attempting to backup the data on the host, which is taking longer than we initially anticipated it would, but is a necessary step to fully safegaurd the host's data. Next, we are going to perform some data validation to ensure the data set appears valid. Pending successful completion of those steps, we'll reenable developer CVS access. A few days after, we'll reenable CVS tarballs and syncs to anonymous CVS. In the mean time, we're currently advancing plans for a CVS architecture change based upon the knowledge we gained during Subversion deployment to eliminate the single point of failure that developer CVS currently has, add horizontal scalability and overall service resiliance. However, we still do not have an estimate on when developer CVS services will be restored, but we have been, and currently are actively working to restore access to CVS. We appreciate your patience with us while we work to properly resolve this major outage."

Since we don't know for sure when this will be resolved there's not much we can do until then. Hopefully by this Friday we may have something ready to go! Keep your fingers crossed! 


SourceForge is now claiming that they expect to have the CVS servers back running by late Tuesday or early Wednesday. Keep your fingers crossed!

Update 2:

As of 11:36 PM EST on April 4 2006, we have CVS access working again. This means we can move towards a release, possibly by this Friday.