VCF 0-9-0 release is now available

News and Announcements

The new 0-9-0 release of the VCF is now uploaded! This is one of the larger, if not the largest, release we've done in some time.

I'd like to especially thank Doug Tinkham,  Darko, Dmitry Kononov, Orhun Birsoy, Fraggle, and Marcello for pointing out bugs, testing, adding new compiler/toolchain support and linux porting. 

We have lot's of new features and bug fixes, including support for a wide variety of new build types/compilers including:

  • Visual C++ 6, 7.0, 7.1, and 8.0 (including the Express edition)
  • Borland 
  • Mingw using the CodeBlocks IDE
  • GCC 4.x using XCode 2 
  • Bakefiles 
  • Traditional Makefiles using GCC

Lot's more OS X work done. The FoundationKit nearly complete on Linux now.

You can see the complete release notes here: 0-9-0 Release Notes.

You download the latest Windows installer here: 0-9-0 Windows Installer

For the complete file listing see: Released Files

For developers, the cvs repository has been appropriately tagged. You can get this current release by using the revision name "release-0-9-0". For ongoing development for the next release, please use the main development branch, which is now branched to revision "devmain-0-9-1".