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If you're having any issues with committing code via SVN, specifically getting 403 errors you may want to read on.

It appears that SF made some changes a while ago to the SVN repos, and it may affect some people. Quoting:

On November 31, 2006 the access method for Subversion changed. This
document reflects those changes. The old method had numerous problems,
including spurious 50x error messages and other issues that kept it from
functioning fully. This newly documented access method solves many, if not
all of the issues with the old mechanism.

Users of the old method (
should switch to the new access method
( using these

   1. Make a copy of your local working copy.
   2. Run 'svn info' at the root of the repository content, it should
display a line that appears similar to: URL:
   3. Run the following command at the root of the working copy: svn
switch --relocate
So for us, this would be :
switch --relocate