The Visual Component Framework is an advanced C++ application framework that makes it easy to produce powerful Windows applications in C++. The framework is a based on a thoroughly modern C++ design and has built in support for Rapid Application Development (RAD). The framework is designed to be portable over multiple platforms and compilers, so you don't have to lose all that work that went into writing your app for a single platform!

"You know how when someone sees something very good they exclaim 'WOW!'? Then when they see something that is truly inspiring, they say it in a very low, respectful tone? Looking at the quality and breadth of what you have here definitely puts me in the latter category."

Tom Archer - Microsoft Program Manager

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0-9-0 Release postponed - Updated: CVS is back

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Due to issues beyond our control (SourceForge completely losing CVS service) we are having to postpone the release until SourceForge recovers their CVS servers anjd re-enables access to them. The current details from SourceForge about when the service will be back up are:

0-9-0 Release on Monday April 3 2006 - UPDATED!

News and Announcements

The 0-9-0 release has been pushed back to Monday April 3rd, due to a cvs glitch at SourceForge. CVS access is  not available which has prevented us from getting changes in and synched up and from merging the development branch to the main CVS release branch. 

New release is nearing completion!

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We've got a new release on it's way! If all goes well, we will be making a release on Friday March 31st. This will take us to release version 0-9-0.

This is one of the biggest releases so far, and has a whole bunch of fixes, plus new features and much improved documentation. There's also new complete support for mingw in the form of CodeBlock projects, and support for Microsoft's new Visual C++ 2005 compiler and IDE, including the Express Edition! We now have projects for the whole Microsoft C++ family of IDE's ranging from Visual C++ 6, 7, 71. (Visual C++ 2003 .Net) and 8.0 (Visual C++ 2005).  We also have support for Borland C++ in both makefile and IDE project formats. Finally, we also have full support for building the project  using bakefiles.

Now sending CVS updates to CIA Stats!

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I've adjusted the cvs log files (for both the VCF and VCF Builder projects) to send notifications to the CIA Stats Project. The project pages are listed here:

New HTML Browser support now in, with screenshots!

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I've added new HTML Browser support into the VCF. We have now completely eliminated the previous ATL/comdef.h dependencies, replacing this with the Comet C++ library, and a custom OLE control site implementation (thanks to a great article by Jeff Glatt for providing a starting point). This comes with all sorts of new goodies, and supports most of the standard event handlers, such when the document starts loading, progress, status, end of loading, authentication control (you can sutomize how username/password information is entered), and so on. It also exposes the basic HTML DOM elements using a very lighweight wrapper, so you can have fairly fine grained control over the individual elements. You can also add onclick handlers to individual elements as well.