The Visual Component Framework is an advanced C++ application framework that makes it easy to produce powerful Windows applications in C++. The framework is a based on a thoroughly modern C++ design and has built in support for Rapid Application Development (RAD). The framework is designed to be portable over multiple platforms and compilers, so you don't have to lose all that work that went into writing your app for a single platform!

"You know how when someone sees something very good they exclaim 'WOW!'? Then when they see something that is truly inspiring, they say it in a very low, respectful tone? Looking at the quality and breadth of what you have here definitely puts me in the latter category."

Tom Archer - Microsoft Program Manager

If this is your first time here try reading, in more detail, about the features of the VCF by clicking here.

Further information about the VCF can be found in the documentation sections which include in-depth discussions of how to use the framework, as well as the source code generated documentation.

Would you like to help support future development of the VCF? Funding helps buy software and hardware crucial to developing a large scale framework like the VCF. For more information on what can be donated and why - click here.

New CVS commits mailing list now available

News and Announcements

I have added support for cvs loginfo to me sent to a mailing list which people can subscribe to should they be interested.

You can go to the VCF's SourceForge project page here to subscribe. This is not a list meant to be replied to. It's simply for informational purposes.

Happy Holidays to all!

News and Announcements

I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Holidays, a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New year! 

Here's hoping 2006 is even better than 2005 for the VCF! 

New CVS code tarball available

News and Announcements

There's a new code dump from the development branch (devmain-0-6-7) that's available.

You can download it here:

CVS repository for devmain-0-6-9 Nov. 6, 2005

Current development release available as source tgz

News and Announcements

The current development release is available here:


This is a snapshot from todays development branch in CVS, so beware it may contain bugs, etc, (I know, I know, it's hard to believe, but anything's possible!).

Graphics Designer wanted!

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If anyone out there likes to design logos, graphics, etc, then give me an email!

We'd like to update/redesign our logo both for the VCF site and the VCF Builder project. In addition, the VCF Builder project could really use a whole set of icons for use in the VCF Builder IDE and various plugins (especially the Form Designer).